Storage units for all purposes

Often people face the problem when they need things, but which are planned to be used in the next month, season or even year, accumulate an apartment or office. However, in recent years, an alternative has emerged: goods, furniture and even appliances can be placed in temporary storage. This problem is easy to solve thanks to Kitchener storage units, because at vendors like Make Space Storage you can rent a box and store your things as much as you need. Convenient location of the warehouse and reliable protection, dry and cool room – the components of quality service for storing things.

In this service, everything is organized on the principle of self storage. Make space storage provides a state-of-the-art Kitchener storage service. Living in a big city, there is an acute need for free space. However, buying and caring for commercial or residential real estate is costly, so more and more people are using personal storage services. This is a great opportunity to unload your home or business space.

Such services are always happy for you and ready to help you choose a box for storing things that will be best for you!

Advantages of temporary storage of things

It is enough to look around to understand how much space can be freed up: tires, snowmobiles, water skis, snowboards, seasonal goods from the range of the store – all this interferes with the comfortable living of the family and the normal functioning of the company. In some cases, the transfer of things for temporary storage is not only desirable but also necessary.

Thus, in storage units you can store:

• Boats, snowmobiles, scooters;

• Furniture and appliances;

• Shooting equipment and scenery;

• Strollers, sledges, skis, bicycles;

• Summer tents, tables;

• Goods online stores and more.

However it’s important to mention thst before renting an individual room, you should also pay attention to the fact that you can not store:

• Food, plants and animals;

• Radioactive and toxic substances;

• Cylinders under pressure;

• Substances that emit odors;

• Fuel.

Where and how to store car tires?

As the season changes, motorists have a major issue with replacing wheels and storing removed tires. And if the replacement of tires is mostly entrusted to specialists, then store the wheels where necessary.

Although it is important to remember that if the wheels are stored incorrectly, they not only lose their appearance, but also their performance.

In addition, after you remove the tire kit from the car, look and check the wheels for wear and damage. If you decide to use these wheels next season, then first before storage, clean the rubber, wipe the discs from dust and dirt, otherwise abrasive particles can damage the tread, and cover with a thin layer of preservative oil, be sure to lubricate the threads of pins and fasteners bolts. Also, before removing the tires, it is recommended to mark their position on the car and next season to install the front wheels on the rear axle and vice versa to balance their wear.

Of course, you can store tires in the garage, on the balcony, in the pantry or in the basement, but it is necessary to ensure compliance with certain rules:

  1. The car tire should not be exposed to sunlight, otherwise it may crack and become very hard. Due to the loss of flexibility and lengthening of the braking distance, even the most careful driving will be dangerous.

  2. Do not store tires in damp areas or on greasy surfaces.

  3. Wheels should not be stored near the heaters, because they collect various toxic substances that are dangerous to our body. That is why tires are not recommended to store at home! If you still decide to store rubber in the pantry or basement, pack it in airtight plastic bags.

  4. Tires should not be stored outdoors for more than a month, their surface dries and cracks appear due to weather or ozone.

  5. Also do not store near electric motors and other ozone-producing appliances.

Thus, the tires should be stored in a clean, cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight and weather, well-ventilated place, otherwise condensation may form on the tire. Moisture promotes oxidation and corrosion of the steel cord, which reduces the strength and reliability of the tire. The optimum storage temperature is 15-25 degrees.

If you store a tire with a disc, you will need to hang them on hooks or stack them. And if without disks, it is best to store them in an upright position and rotate once a month, this is done in order to minimize the pressure in one place.

How to prepare a bike for winter storage?

Bicycles are mostly used in the warm season and since mid-autumn, many cycling enthusiasts are thinking about storing their bikes. After all, few dare to go on winter trips. Winter storage of a bicycle is not just to keep it away, the main thing is to prepare the bicycle for the winter.

If you approach the issue of preparing a bicycle for the winter correctly and responsibly, the place of storage will not significantly affect its technical characteristics.

1. Bicycle cleaning. After any dirt trip, when the bike is dirty and wet, it must be washed and dried, as this contributes to rust and wear of the chain and sprockets. And when you put the bike for a long time, it is even more necessary to clean it from all dirt, wipe the oil-contaminated parts of the bike. For more economical use of detergents, it is advisable to use a spray.

2. Inspection. Inspect your bike and while you remember where you have minor breakdowns or wear and tear that cause discomfort while riding, correct it immediately.

3. Lubricate the surface. It is necessary to change the oil in all parts of the bike every year, as well as to lubricate the washed chain, switches, switch cables and brakes, and it is better to do it in preparation for winter storage.

4. Remove the power supply. From the bike, you need to remove all electronics: navigator, bicycle computer, removable lights.

To use the storage service and evaluate all its benefits, it is enough to contact the presentation service, which will help determine the size of the cell and answer any questions.

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