A new look is coming soon for Pinecrest Apartments

Council was happy to hear Pinecrest Apartments will soon be cleaned up.

Pinecrest apartments in Sparwood will soon be cleaned up.

Pinecrest apartments in Sparwood will soon be cleaned up.

After a long wait as ownership swapped hands, Council was happy to hear during the September 4th, Regular Council Meeting that Pinecrest Apartments will be cleaned up. The apartments, which are located in a prime location, across from the schools and near the Recreation Department, Iron Rails Overpass and the river have been in a state of constant deterioration and  have been the cause of several public concerns and complaints.

The new owners of the apartments have proposed to spend a substantial amount of money to repair and renovate the buildings. “Parts of the first building should be coming down soon, the are expecting to do one at a time and have said they will strive to bring them up to par with other apartments in Sparwood and keep them as rental units,” said Danny Dwyer District of Sparwood Director of Planning and Engineering. “We have every indication that they will in fact move forward and do this.”

 “I was glad to hear this,” said Councilor Sharon Fraser. “This is something that really needs to happen, those apartments are in such a beautiful location of Sparwood and they need to be fixed up,” she said.

It is expected that residents of Sparwood will see the work beginning on the apartments in the near future.