Heavy machinery on the Annex Dike in Fernie in August 2022. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

Heavy machinery on the Annex Dike in Fernie in August 2022. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

Annex Dike works forging ahead in Fernie

The dike around the neighbourhood is being built up to better protect it from the river

A lot has been done on Fernie’s Annex Dike and park improvements since work began in July.

It’s hard to miss the heavy machinery at work in the Annex, with the linear dike being built up to better protect the community from the river.

According to a city spokesperson, there has been minimal delays to the project as a result of supply chain issues, a late spring freshet and nesting birds in the parkland area.

“Construction is progressing well, and we are still anticipating substantial completion prior to winter,” they said on August 18.

The primary focus of changes to the Annex Dike is raising it to ensure that the Annex neighbourhood is better protected from ‘1 in 500 year’ flood events.

Works are being carried out as part of a combined project, with work to improve the dike, and to add amenities to the Annex Park, and extend the Fernie Valley Pathway through the Annex as part of a wider Active Transportation plan.

Starting in September, work will begin on paving the active transportation portion of the project.

According to the city, some areas of the park and trail network re-opening as that work is completed.

The entire combined project comes in with a pricetag of over $7 million, of which the city is responsible for under $300,000 with the rest covered by provincial and federal grants.

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