Bear sightings prompt Mount Fernie Provincial Park trail closure

Gorby Trail and Red Tree Road junction closed after bear and cubs were seen feeding on a carcass.

A Mount Fernie Provincial Park trail is closed until further notice following reports of a bear and cubs feeding on a dear carcass by the Gorby Trail and Red Tree Road junction.

“In the interest of public safety, it was decided that the trail would be closed for approximately a week,” WildSafeBC Community Coordinator Kathy Murray said. “This is certainly an area where people and wildlife are likely to come into conflict, especially if there’s a carcass in the area.”

Murray noted that the recommendation to temporarily close the trail was made by the Elk Valley Conservation Officer Service and trail closure signage has been put up in the area.

“We’re just asking people to respect that closure for their own safety,” she added. “The safest wildlife encounter is one prevented.”

Murray said that due to an increase in wildlife sightings at the provincial park, residents are being advised to take proper precautions while outdoors, including carrying bear spray, travelling in groups and not littering.

For updates on the trail and further wildlife sightings, visit WildSafeBC’s Elk Valley Facebook page.