Bidding on Rain Barrels Does More Than Save Water

Hand painted rain barrels can be seen at several locations throughout Sparwood.

Bidding on a rain barrel is a great way to beautify your yard and conserve water.

Bidding on a rain barrel is a great way to beautify your yard and conserve water.

In an effort to reduce water consumption and promote the arts the District of Sparwood has partnered with the Sparwood Arts Council with the rain barrel art contest.

Invitations to paint or sponsor a rain barrel were extended to all members of the public and  businesses and several artists came forward. These barrels, painted by local artist are now displayed at the District of Sparwood Office, the District of Sparwood Planning and Development Office, Kal Tire, Greenwood Mall and the Sparwood  Recreation Department.For the next week, residents can continue to bid on these one of a kind rain barrels with half of the proceeds going to the Sparwood Arts Council and the other half going towards a water smart landscape by Elk Valley Greenhouse for one lucky winner. Every person who places a bid on any of the rain barrels will be entered into the draw for the water landscape. Silent auction forms can be found next to the rain barrels at each of the above mentioned locations.

“The rain barrel art contest is just one of the ways that Sparwood is promoting water conservation in hopes of making the final goal of reducing water use by up to 50% by 2015,” says Raeleen Manjak, District of Sparwood Director of Corporate Services. Rain barrels can significantly reduce a homeowners amount of outdoor watering  when used for lawn, flower, and garden watering.

The winners of the rain barrels and draw for the landscape will take place during Arts & Culture Week. The bidding closes on April 27th, 2012.