Big Bang Bagel representatives present the Elk River Alliance with a cheque. (Photo Contributed)

Big Bang Bagel representatives present the Elk River Alliance with a cheque. (Photo Contributed)

Big Bang Bagels donates thousands to ERA

The eco-conscious bagel shop fundraised for the ERA through disposable cup sales

Big Bang Bagels has donated an impressive $5,900 to the Elk River Alliance’s (ERA) annual shoreline clean up this month.

“It’s no secret that I hate disposable cups,” said owner of Big Bang Bagels, Carolyn Doyle who explained the money was raised by charging an extra dollar per cup.

“The production, transport, storage, and disposal of these cups are a toll on our environment, (so) when Big Bang Bagels decided to reintroduce disposable cups during COVID, we decided we would put a positive twist on it.”

The majority of funds will be used for shoreline clean up along the Elk River, with additional funds will also go towards similar projects that focus on the river’s health, along with some education and outreach programs according to executive director of the ERA, Chad Hughes.

“We’re ecstatic – for Carolyn to do that sort of ongoing donation really helps us out with not only the clean up but also keeping the organization running smoothly, so we are incredibly grateful,” he said.

Hughes said the donation is especially significant as they often have trouble funding annual core projects like the shoreline clean up.

“Most funders want to see something new and exciting and novel and sexy, but the really important projects are the boring ones that just grind on every year and don’t change because they can’t change – and the clean up is a little bit like that, it’s the same thing every year because people throw the same garbage out every year that needs to be picked up,” said Hughes.

“If we’ve got everyone in the valley aware of the river and aware of what can hurt it and what keeps it healthy, then there’s a better chance of us creating stewards that will keep things as they should be going forward.”

Hughes added that the ERA recently updated their mandate and objectives, which will be released shortly. In the midst of a complete internal and external restructuring, the ERA office has relocated to 1111 Second Avenue in Fernie.

To keep up to date with the ERA, to donate, or to tune into their upcoming Annual General Meeting, visit their Facebook page or website at

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