City of Fernie issues water quality advisory

City of Fernie issues water quality advisory

At-risk populations asked to boil drinking water

City staff are advising those with weakened immune systems to boil their water before consumption, after increasing the town’s turbidity rating to ‘fair’ on Saturday morning.

The City of Fernie released a statement asking at-risk populations, like children, elderly or those with weaker immune systems to take the necessary precautions when consuming town water, washing vegetables, or brushing teeth.

Water should be boiled for one minute.

While staff say the risk is low, the levels of turbidity in the water in recent tests are above the federal guidelines for drinking water quality. Turbidity is the cloudiness of haziness in water due to the presence of other particles, which is a common measurement of water quality.

Public facilities are to have the water quality notice posted near drinking sites. This water quality advisory will stay in effect while the City works to rectify the issue.

To check Fernie’s turbidity index, visit