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Cleanup and remediation set to begin at Whiteswan Lake Park following diesel spill

The spill of less than 10 litres of diesel onto the ice took place on March 9
Whiteswan Lake provincial park. (File photo)

Cleanup and remediation work is set to begin on April 1 at Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park due to a diesel spill on the ice a few weeks ago.

According to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, on March 9, they were notified “that a logging truck went into White Swan Lake at the 26.5 km marker of the White Swan Lake (Forest Service Road).”

The truck was removed from the lake, but a fuel tank was punctured and, according to the ministry, less than 10 litres of diesel fuel leaked onto the ice. The fuel did not penetrate the ice, they said.

“The company has hired an environmental response contractor to do cleanup and remediation.

“Ministry staff will oversee remediation actions and closely monitor the completion.”

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