Coal miner days

Coal Miner Days 2021 a success

The annual event wasn’t going to be stopped for a second year

Coal Miner Days 2021 was a great success despite only have a month of preparation – a far cry from the nine-plus months the organisers usually have.

“Kids got to share their bike decorations with our Sparwood Seniors during their Bike Parade past their homes. Food Trucks added to the celebrations with everything from cotton candy, sushi, kettle corn to crepes and more. The Museum hosted old fashion games and gave out amazing prizes. Between Coal Miner Days, Grad and a Wedding our community had something for everyone,” said President of Sparwood Coal Miner Days Society, Marcia Johnson.

The changes that the pandemic forced on the annual tradition didn’t get in the way of community spirit, said Johnson, who said that the changes were well-received.

“Everyone who participated in the Reverse Parade actually enjoyed it much more than in previous years because it allowed people to view floats multiple times as well as stop and talk to people without causing a huge stall out in the parade line. We had about 350 cars pass by, our Mayor and Council handed out bags of Chips and our Teck Float handed out buckets of Popcorn.”

Additionally, the Drive-in movie was sold out on both nights.

“All of the attendees where so excited and grateful to participate , people stayed in their vehicles so social distancing was simple.

“The second night we had 3 dinosaurs (Tammy Ogden, Lisa Jackart and Suzanne Hawley,) passing out treats and giving directions. The team of people directing traffic made it simple and fast to enter and exit. We would love to have this event come back and are very grateful to Teck and Fortis BC for bringing the 3 story Drive in movie screen to our community.”

Sparwood also named famed ice hockey player Dampy Brar as a hometown hero. Brar, who visited Sparwood for the occasion will have a permanent plaque highlighting his accomplishments hung at the Rec Centre.,

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