NWP Coal is the company pushing the Crown Mountain project. (Photo courtesy of NWP Coal)

NWP Coal is the company pushing the Crown Mountain project. (Photo courtesy of NWP Coal)

Crown Mountain coal project pushed back about a year

The company is hoping to get the Environmental Assessment in by the end of the year

The Crown Mountain coal project timeline had been extended by a year, according to the company behind the development in the Elk Valley.

In a presentation to the District of Elkford council on Nov. 8, Dave Baines, manager environment and engagement for NWP Coal Canada, told councillors they are working hard to get the Environmental Assessment (EA) submitted by the end of the year. He said he thinks they will get pieces of it in for initial review, and that might drag them into next year. It has been delayed by about six months due to regulatory concerns.

“Big delays have been around COVID and trying to get public engagement working, (and) trying to get engagement with the First Nations,” he said.

“So the big next step, really, is to finalize the submission and get it into the regulator. There’s been lots of push back and churn from the regulator.”

Baines said that regulators were still trying to figure out where the project sat in regards to cumulative effects on the environment with respect to water, noting that Teck’s own water plan of course did not cover other projects.

“The take home here is, start of construction, instead of being early [2023] like we had been hoping, we’re into [2024] at this point. And commercial production is into [2025] at this point.”

“The whole thing has moved about a year.”

The Crown Mountain Coal Project seeks to produce 2 million tonnes per year, is planned to be open-pit, and has a 15-year overall timeline. It will be close to Sparwood between Teck’s Elkview and Line Creek Mines, with access through Grave Creek Rd. If it successfully clears regulatory hurdles and proceeds to construction and operation it would have a peak construction workforce of 500 and an operational workforce of 350.

NWP Coal is 78 percenbty owned by Jameson Resources, which is an Australian-listed but British Columbian-focused company and 22 percent by Bathurst Resources, which is the largest coal mining company in New Zealand. Both are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

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