Crowning this year’s Miss Elkford

Seven young women from Elkford participated in this year’s Miss Elkford Youth Ambassador Pageant.

Sydney Thompson 2011 Miss Elkford

Sydney Thompson 2011 Miss Elkford

Seven young women from Elkford participated in this year’s Miss Elkford Youth Ambassador Pageant. These grades 10 and 11 girls have spent the past six months gearing up to the one evening where Miss Elkford and Miss Elkford Princess were crowned.

Since January, Miss Elkford participants, Shelby Wurmlinger, Gabbie Milo, April Huisman, Corissa Mildenberger, Shaelan Bauer, Lewai Ratrudradra, and Sydney Thompson have learned a great deal and been a big part of the community through volunteering. The girls took part in numerous workshops learning such things as public speaking, automotive maintenance, community history, modeling and self defense, just to name a few. They have volunteered during community events, sold flowers during the Canadian Cancer Society’s daffodil campaign and were models in the wine and cheese fashion show.

In deciding who would become the 2011 Miss Elkford, participants were judged on several categories. “The girls began their day with a private interview with the judges, and then a judges’ luncheon. Along with those two events, judging was also based on pageant events,” said Program Director, Debbie Kliment. “The pageant was completely sold out, and participants, family, friends and the public really looked forward to the great performance.”

New to the pageant this year were ‘little buddies.’ Little buddies are grades one to four girls who shadow the teens. “We were really excited to have the little buddies join in this year. This is something we have never done before and it worked out really well. There were so many entries to be a little buddy, names had to be drawn from a hat,” said Kliment. “The little buddies got to participate with the girls in some of their workshops, have their own frugal fashion show for family, have a tobogganing party and read and do crafts. The girls really became close to their partners, and they were so much fun.”

On stage the teens gave a sponsor speech, introduced their little buddy, gave a speech on a topic of importance to them, presented a talent, participated in a frugal ($20 or less) fashion show, modeled an evening gown and answered the impromptu question, “If you could be rich, smart or pretty, what would you choose?” All seven girls recognized that being smart was most important, and would lead to a well-paid job, which would hopefully bring the wealth. Shelby Wurmlinger, the first to answer the impromptu question, received a roar of laughter from the crowd with her answer. “I would choose to be smart, if I was smart then I would know how to get rich, and when I was rich I could get Botox to become pretty,” she joked.

The judging panel was made up of Robyn Graham, Erin Aasland-Hall, Barb McFarlin-Kosiec  and Amy Duffy.

Shaelan Bauer was crowned the 2011 Miss Elkford Princess and the 2011 Miss Elkford Queen was awarded to Sydney Thompson.

The 2010 Queen and Princess, Kenzie Bauer and Megan Nixon handed over their crowns as the new Youth Ambassadors set off on the first moments of their new roles as new Elkford representatives. For the next year Shaelan and Sydney will travel to many events and pageants. They will speak of their experiences, be role models to other young girls and share the story of their community.