District of Sparwood Councillor Candidate: Joe Jarina returns to politics to run as councillor

District of Sparwood: Jarina, Joe - Councillor Candidate.

Joe Jarina returns to politics

Joe Jarina returns to politics

It’s been over a decade since Joe Jarina has been involved in municipal politics, but the now retired Jarina plans to again dedicate his time to the District of Sparwood as he runs for a councillor position in the 2014 municipal election.

Jarina was an alderman for the District of Sparwood for nine years in a row, from 1979 throughout the 80’s, seeing through major projects such a the leisure centre and Sparwood Heights.

“I have a really good idea of how municipal government works,” Jarina said. “I’ve always been interested in the town politics.”

Jarina noted that he’s interested in ensuring current projects in the District of Sparwood are completed, including the Lilac Terrace expansion, which has recently had a few drawbacks with funding.

“I’m getting interested in the way the town’s going and I want to try to help with my experience,” he said. “I’d [also] like to make sure we’re looking after all the children form the small ones up into the teenagers.”

Previously an active member of the recreation committee, Jarina said he wants to ensure there are recreational activities available for children, and wants to ensure projects, like the installation of a new skate park, are completed.

Other areas of interest include Teck and concerns over lay-offs, small businesses and ensuring open communication between council and the public.

“Working with the public,” Jarina said, “we’ve got to make sure we’re out there getting them involved.”