District of Sparwood Councillor Candidate: John Baher is running for a councillor position in the 2014 muncipal election.

District of Sparwood: Baher, John - Councillor Candidate. John Baher has been a part of the District of Sparwood community for 45 years.

After being a part of the District of Sparwood community for 45 years, John Baher has decided to run for a council seat.

“It’s just something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time now and I figured that this year was going to be the right time,” Baher said. “I feel that I’m a very approachable person, I’ve always been community minded.”

His involvement in the community includes being a dedicated member of the Sparwood Lions Club, previously holding the position of president and secretary for several years, being voted Sparwood citizen of the year and owning the District of Sparwood A&W restaurant for over a decade.

Although Baher is no longer the president and secretary of the Sparwood Lions Club, he is still an active member.

“Our motto, being a lion, is to serve,” he said, noting that this level of servitude extends to the District of Sparwood community as well. “I like helping people. I like being a part of the community and I like being out in the community.”

It’s that appreciate for the community that is clearly reciprocated by the District of Sparwood, who voted him citizen of the year back in 2004—an award given to a member of the community who makes a real difference.

If Baher is appointed councillor for the District of Sparwood in the 2014 municipal election, he plans to work closely with youth, seniors and local businesses.