District of Sparwood Councillor Candidate: Peter Templin makes return to council by running in the 2014 election

District of Sparwood: Templin, Peter - Councillor Candidate. The former councillor brings experience to this year's municipal election.

Former councillor from 2009-2011

Former councillor from 2009-2011

Peter Templin served on Sparwood council from 2009-2011 and has returned this term to run for a councillor’s seat in the municipal election.

Templin hadn’t planned on running this year but was approached by many to run for a seat in the district.

“I really wasn’t thinking about coming back but as this year progressed, a lot of people approached me about running again,” admitted Templin. “They liked how I was on council before and was straightforward and honest.”

The former councillor cites his previous experience as a huge advantage over first-time running hopefuls.

“I understand budgets and how the town works. I understand how long it takes to get things done and I understand there are shortcuts you can take,” said Templin.

Templin was born and raised in Michel Natal and moved to Sparwood in 1970 where he married and raised two sons. He worked for the Greenhills Operation for 25 years.

If re-elected, Templin is looking to finish several of the projects already started by the previous council, including the hot-button issue of the Highway 3 and 43 intersection construction.

Templin also sees a bright future for the coal market and is sure that it will turn around and Teck will have its officies built on the land they’ve bought adjacent to the highway.

Volunteering and opportunities for youth are also important to Templin, having been a volunteer and basketball coach for Sparwood students for the last 20 years.

“It’s great working with youth and I would like to see things happen [for them],” said Templin who hoped more amenities like skate parks could be built to provide youth with things to do.