Students from EIDES in Fernie with a cheque for $500 from the East Kootenay Community Credit Union (EKC). (Image courtesy of EKC)

East Kootenay students get outdoors to learn

A donation from the EKC allowed schools in the region to buy outdoor learning kits

The East Kootenay Community Credit Union (EKC) has donated $8,000 to the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) to purchase customizable classroom kids for elementary schools throughout the region.

Schools in Elkford, Sparwood and Fernie will have access to the kits, which are designed to support teachers and students in “taking their learning outdoors in meaningful and engaging ways,” according to the EKC release.

“Nature is all around us and often a short walk from our local schools. Feedback from teachers was that one of the main obstacles to undertaking outdoor learning was having the appropriate outdoor equipment and resources to make this happen in an effective and enjoyable way.”

The $8,000 spread between the region’s schools allowed each school to buy $500 worth of items from Canadian non-profit and Invermere-based Outdoor Learning Store. each school was able to purchase items that best suited their needs.

Pam Pinch of the EKC worked with local principals, CBEEN and Outdoor Learning Store “to ensure students had something to look forward to this spring.

“Branch managers were able to connect their team members with schools for the delivery of the funds, ensuring students could use the fun, new equipment before the end of the 2020-2021 school year,” reads the release.

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