Elk Valley RCMP report

Elk Valley RCMP report

Elkford Snowmobile Club-Vandalism

On September 8, at 10:45 hours, it was reported that unknown person(s) had vandalized the club’s 1986 Piston Bull Groomer by smashing the front windshield with a rock. This senseless crime will cost approximately $3,800 to repair.

Theft from Work Vehicle – Sparwood

On September 1, at approximately 3:30 am, near Hemlock Road, a person was captured on video walking around checking car doors and stole a number of items including tools from at least one vehicle. A tool bag was abandoned on Pine Avenue and a socket set was found discarded further down near the library.

Please contact the Elk Valley RCMPolice at 250-425-6233 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477, if you have any information in relations to these incidents.

Reminder to Elk Valley Communities: Watch out for First Responders on the Highways

Elk Valley RCMP would like to remind drivers of their requirements when approaching or being approached by an emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens engaged. Section 177 of the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act states:

On the immediate approach of an emergency vehicle giving an audible signal by a bell, siren or exhaust whistle, and showing a visible flashing red light, except when otherwise directed by a peace officer, a driver must yield the right of way, and immediately drive to a position parallel to and as close as possible to the nearest edge or curb of the roadway, clear of an intersection, and stop and remain in that position until the emergency vehicle has passed.

These laws are in place to speed the work of emergency responders and may mean the difference of life or death. Please slow down and stop to allow those who put themselves in harm’s way to assist those who require help. A few minutes of your time might make a huge difference in the outcome of an emergency situation.

Motorists to stop for school buses and be mindful of posted school zones.

It is that time of year we must be aware and alert when approaching posted 30 km/h school zones. Under Section 147(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act, it is a requirement. Failing to do so will set you back $196.00 plus 3 points.

Also, regardless of which direction you are travelling, specifically if you oncoming to a school bus with its flashing yellow and red lights, is a pretty good indicator that the bus is about to stop, or is stopped, and children will be walking outside the bus on the roadway.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, Section 149 clearly states that a driver must stop before reaching the bus and not proceed until the bus resumes motion or the driver of the bus signals to other drivers that it is safe to proceed. Failing to obey would net you a fine of $368.00 plus 3 points.