Fernie City Hall, Sparwood municipal flags, Elkford Municipal Hall, RDEK offices. (Composite image of BPM photos)

Fernie City Hall, Sparwood municipal flags, Elkford Municipal Hall, RDEK offices. (Composite image of BPM photos)

Elk Valley: Running down the candidates in the local elections

A summary of candidates so far in the Elkford, Sparwood, Fernie, and RDEK areas A and B

As of August 30 (the Tuesday just passed), the BC General election is kicking into higher gear, with the opening of the nomination period.

It will run until September 9, when candidates will be declared at each of the three municipalities in the Elk Valley and in the RDEK (and indeed across the province).

Here’s a basic rundown of the candidate profiles The Free Press has gathered so far, and links to each candidate that has declared they intend to run. Incumbents that are not running are not included here.

If you’re planning to run, and you’re not on this list, please reach out. The Free Press and it’s readers want to know about you, why you’re running, and what you want to achieve. All candidates will be approached and profiled by The Free Press.


In Fernie, there will be at the very least, three new faces on city council, with three incumbents stepping back.

We have two candidates for mayor – the incumbent Ange Qualizza, and challenger Nic Milligan.

Ange Qualizza: Qualizza to seek second term as Mayor of Fernie (June 28)

Nic Milligan: Nic Milligan to run for Mayor of Fernie (July 5)

There are also eight declared candidates for council, including three incumbents.

Kevin McIsaac: Kevin McIsaac to run for Fernie council (July 19)

Kyle Hamilton: Kyle Hamilton declares he’s running for Fernie council (July 21)

Troy Nixon: Troy Nixon to seek second term on Fernie council (August 2)

Harshan Ramadass: Harshan Ramadass to run for Fernie council (July 22)

Spencer Gough: Spencer Gough to run for Fernie council (August 11)

Michael Bull: Michael Bull to run for Fernie council (August 19, withdrawn candidacy September 1)

Jesse Mould: Jesse Mould to run for Fernie city council in October (August 30)

Ted Shoesmith: Profile coming soon.


In Sparwood, Mayor David Wilks is thus far unopposed.

David Wilks: Wilks throws his hat into the ring for another term as Sparwood’s mayor (April 11)

On council, The Free Press has confirmed the intentions of only four of the six incumbents, with three incumbents to run again, and another to step back. We continue to check in with the others.

Ron Saad: Ron “Sonny” Saad to run for Sparwood council (July 21)

Amy Cardozo: Amy Cardozo to run for second term on Sparwood council (August 25)

John Baher: Profile coming soon.

So far, we have not confirmed any candidates from outside of council.


In Elkford, long-time mayor Dean McKerracher is retiring, and two incumbent councillors have declared they want to fill his shoes – meaning one of them will be absent from council chambers from October 16. In BC, candidates may only run for one office, meaning if a councillor runs for mayor, and loses, they cannot return to council.

Steve Fairbairn: Steve Fairbairn running for Mayor of Elkford (July 7)

Mandy McGregor: Mandy McGregor running for Mayor of Elkford (July 26)

On council, of the four incumbents that don’t want to be mayor, we have confirmed the intentions of one that will be running again. There are also three candidates running for Elkford council from outside.

Len Gostick: Len Gostick running for second term on Elkford council (August 30)

Bert Schalekamp: Bert Schalekamp to run for Elkford council (August 15)

Jason Meldrum: Jason Meldrum to run for Elkford council (August 22)

Shawna Bryant: Shawna Bryant running for District of Elkford council (August 30)


Looking at the RDEK, Area A will have a new director come October, with Mike Sosnowski retiring. So far, two candidates have appeared to take his place.

Thomas McDonald: Thomas McDonald to run for Area A director (August 10)

Lee-Anne Walker: Lee-Anne Walker to run for Area A director (August 30)

In Area B, Stan Doehle is running again, with no challengers yet known.

Stan Doehle: Stan Doehle to run for third term as Area B director (August 30)

Another update will be published next week.

If you are considering running, please reach out to The Free Press. Nominations close on September 9, ahead of the October 15 election.

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