Elkford and Sparwood election update

Advanced and general up to date polling numbers have been released by the District of Sparwood and the District of Elkford.

The District of Elkford

Results from three advanced and three general polls.



Dean McKerracher   79

David Jones                25



Mandy McGregor      20

Craig Robinson          116

Steve Fairbairn          130

Ken Wildeman          129

Kris Wilde                  84

Denise Bertrand        91

Joe Zarowny               95


The District of Sparwood

Results from advanced polling 1 and advanced polling 2


Advanced Polling 1


Cal McDougall            87

Joanne Wilton            73

Hungry Baytaluke     53

Bev Bellina                 11


Advanced Polling 2


Cal McDougall            28

Joanne Wilton            30

Hungry Baytaluke     12

Bev Bellina                 5