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Elkford chamber encourages shopping local this holiday season

Local businesses are asked to advertise weekly on the Shop Local Elkford BC Facebook page

Partnering with the Columbia Basin Trust, the Elkford Chamber of Commerce is encouraging residents to support the community by shopping local this holiday season.

Helping showcase the wide array of makers and vendors within district limits, the chamber is asking all Elkford businesses to post a product, service or special to the Shop Local Elkford BC Facebook group once a week for the month of December.

“Small businesses are a reflection of their communities in the way they support community programs and give back,” said Shawna Bryant, executive director of the Elkford Chamber of Commerce.

“Supporting a local business means that you are supporting the economic growth in your community.”

According to Bryant, other ways residents can support local businesses year-round is by writing them positive reviews online, sharing their business posts to social media, and engaging with the business by signing up for newsletters or posting photos of their products to personal pages. “This year in particular, local small businesses were hit hard with the COVID-19 pandemic, with trying to serve their clients as best as possible throughout the hardest times we have seen in years, we should be supporting local businesses back by shopping local,” added Bryant. Further encouraging the public to shop local this holiday, the Elkford Chamber of Commerce sent every Elkford resident a postcard with a QR code for the Shop Local Elkford Facebook page.

The chamber will also be sharing all member posts to their Chamber Facebook page as well as to the Shop Local Elkford BC Facebook page.

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