Elkford Chamber of Commerce hosts AGM

MP David Wilks made an appearance as well as guest speakers from the community.

  • Apr. 1, 2015 5:00 a.m.

On Friday, March 27 the Elkford Chamber of Commerce hosted their Annual General Meeting (AGM), inviting members of the Elkford and Elk Valley communities to join.

Making his way to his second Elk Valley AGM this year, Member of Parliament David Wilks brought forward information from the federal government.

Wilks spoke of extending the mission with ISIS/ISIL following an announcement that was made on Tuesday, March 16. He also spoke of humanitarian relief in the Middle East, staggering healthcare costs, income splitting and Bill C-51, which Wilks has recently been attacked for supporting.

“What it’s proposed to do is bring more ability to the RCMP and CSIS … to better correlate data, collect data both here and overseas and make sure Canadians are safe,” Wilks said, “There has been some argument that it doesn’t have enough oversight, that we’re going too far with it. My belief as a retired police officer is that we’re not going far enough.”

Dr. Erik Thorlakson, the owner of Pure Life Family Chiropractic was also invited to speak at the AGM about the importance of his services.

“When you drive that system over and over again, you start to wear and tear,” Thorlakson said of the spine, inviting the audience to ask any questions about his services.

Following the guest speakers, the official chamber meeting began and treasurer Heather MacKenzie went over the 2015 budget, with no significant alterations needing to be highlighted.

Five Chamber of Commerce nominees were also appointed by acclamation during the meeting, including Cindy Gallinger, Vanessa Lee Smith, Nicholle Auger and Mark Spittael. Scott Beeching was also appointed (in absentia).

The meeting concluded with a dinner buffet hosted by C&F Restaurant and sponsored by SMS Equipment.