Elkford’s Ronda Cross Leaves A Legacy

Ronda Cross will forever be remembered for her love of life and dedication for her community.

Ronda Cross

Ronda Cross

Ronda Cross was very well known in the community of Elkford. Once weekenders, and for the past four years full time residents of Elkford, Colin and Ronda Cross shared a passion for small town life and outdoor recreation. Colin and Ronda married in 2003 and had common bond of living life to the fullest. They were avid and experienced divers and enjoyed traveling. “She really loved a good challenge, and was very outgoing,” says Cross. Described by her husband  as a social butterfly, Ronda loved living in Elkford because of the closeness and friendship small town living allows. She was an experienced dental assistant and was very well known within the community for her tireless dedication to her community. Ronda spent time volunteering on ski patrol and the Chamber of Commerce,  she could be seen canvassing for charities and assisting with Sunday School at the Alliance Church. “Ronda loved being involved in all things going on in the community, ” says Cross.

On March 3rd, while scuba diving in Mexico, Ronda was overcome by the carbon monoxide levels in her tank. “She basically just fell asleep,” he says. Over 500 people attended Ronda’s funeral held in Elkford on March 10th  and her husband, family and friends are still trying to come to terms with the tragedy. “I will be making a lot of what happened public, so this type of thing can be prevented,” says Cross. “We have also created a charity called RONDA (Representation For Needed  Divers Assistance) that will help other families in similar situations. I just want to do something to hang on to her,  and help others,” says Cross.

A step mom and in the final stages of the adoption process, the Cross’s dreams of being parents were cut short. “I think I am still in shock,” says Cross. “I am just waiting for her to walk through the door, it’s just been a big long fog.” In the midst of anguish and devastation, Cross expresses his gratitude and appreciation for all of the support he has received from the community of Elkford. “People here have been amazing, absolutely amazing. This has really devastated the whole community. I am thankful for everyone and the support they have shown during this difficult time,” says Cross. Ronda’s memory of loving life and the outdoors will forever be remembered in the hearts of all those she touched.