Farmer’s market in the works for Sparwood

If everything goes according to plan, Sparwood will host its very own farmer’s market this summer.

Fernie's Mountain Market is a big hit every summer.

Fernie's Mountain Market is a big hit every summer.

It’s still a work in progress, but if everything goes according to plan for local business owner Amy Cardozo, Sparwood will host its very own farmer’s market this summer.

Cardozo got the idea to start a farmer’s market in Sparwood when looking for another venue to sell the cupcakes she creates for her successful business, Crumbs Cakery.

“In July 2012 I was looking for more ways to promote my own business and I really loved the idea of a farmer’s market,” Cardozo explained. “I wanted to go to the Fernie one, but it didn’t work with my work schedule, the Baynes Lake one sounded good too, but it was just a little bit too far.

“So I thought, what a better idea than having it in our own community? It would be a way to support our own local businesses and small vendors.”

With the creation of a Sparwood Farmers Market Facebook page last summer, Cardozo began to put her plan into motion. After just two weeks, she had heard from over 50 vendors and the support was overwhelming. After holding a successful Sparwood ‘Mini Market’ in September, Cardozo hopes to progress into a full-fledged, weekly market this summer.

Speaking at a council meeting on Monday, Cardozo asked the District for assistance with the costs associated with becoming a member of the B.C. Farmer’s Market Association. She is also looking for guidance and input from the District in regards to parking barricades, washrooms, and garbage cans.

With support from the Sparwood Chamber of Commerce, the market is set to take place in the Chamber parking lot, located next to the big truck, from 5 to 9 p.m. every Friday.

“With the Baynes Lake market being on Saturdays and the Fernie market on Sundays, we didn’t want to interfere with that, and that way vendors can attend those markets as well,” commented Cardozo. “With it being on Friday evening, we have tourists coming though and therefore the location was important, because we wanted to be near the big truck.”

District staff will consider Cardozo’s requests and bring their recommendations back to mayor and council at a future meeting.