Sparwood councillor Jason Christensen will seek a second term in October 2022. (Contributed by Jason Christensen)

Sparwood councillor Jason Christensen will seek a second term in October 2022. (Contributed by Jason Christensen)

Jason Christensen to seek second term as Sparwood councillor

Christensen was first elected in 2018, and has a background in finance

Sparwood councillor Jason Christensen has declared he’s running for a second term on council.

First elected in 2018, Christensen has a background in finance, and worked for Teck in the finance department until he retired from his role there around eight years ago.

Originally from southern Alberta, Christensen volunteers his time around the community and uses his financial background to guide his decision-making on council.

In an interview with The Free Press, Christensen said he wanted to continue the good work the council of the last four years has achieved.

“We’ve had a good four years I feel. We’ve got a lot accomplished.” A handful of those accomplishments were helping find a space for the Sparwood Community Garden on district land, allowing backyard chickens, supporting trails around the community, working with Komatsu in the construction of their new office in town, and just recently progress with Teck in their project to develop a new central office.

“We really want to continue that partnership between the district and Teck,” he said. “My view is that Teck should be front and centre with our community, and this office is going to go a long way towards doing that.

“I heartily believe in Teck and the industry, and the coal that they produce is a benefit to the world. Sparwood is at the centre of that, and we should be proud of that.”

Christensen said he’d like to spend more time digging into the inner workings of Sparwood and how taxpayers dollars are spent (ensuring they’re spent wisely), engaging further with the community and working to improve quality of life for residents through his involvement with various committees and community groups.

He said he was confident in the district’s plans for a new multi-purpose indoor facility coming up on the ballot on October, and while he was it was up to the public to make a decision on borrowing to make it happen, he believed it was worth it.

“I know $15 million makes you cringe, but at the same time I really think the value that families and our seniors and our workers will get from that type of facility will pay itself back a hundred-fold through reducing travel, bringing the community together, bringing in events, bringing in extra business, and it will really serve the people of Sparwood well.”

Christensen said locals should consider returning him to council because he was approachable, honest and considered in his role as a councillor.

“I’m not afraid to step back and listen and learn when I need to, and at the same time I wont go with the flow just because everyone else is going that way,” he said, adding he wasn’t beholden to anyone.

“You’ll only be able to sway me if it’s the right thing to do.”

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