Joe Jarina is set to retire at the 2022 elections in Sparwood. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

Joe Jarina is set to retire at the 2022 elections in Sparwood. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

Joe Jarina to retire from Sparwood council

Jarina has served six terms as a councillor

Long-time Sparwood councillor Joe Jarina is stepping back from politics at the coming October elections.

Jarina has spent six terms as a councillor in town, serving four terms between 1979 and 1988, and another two since 2014.

“I’ve decided not to run,” he said in an interview with The Free Press, explaining he wanted to step back after so long.

Jarina originally ran to push for the development of a swimming pool in Sparwood, which was ultimately successful. In his second stint as councillor, he wanted to get more information out about the Middletown crossing, and he said that that development had proceeded positively for Sparwood, with new commercial tenants in place.

“Those were my drivers,” he said. “The last driver I always had was to get some sort of community hall indoor space for Sparwood, and now (the multi-purpose facility) is coming to a vote for the people.”

Jarina said it was up to the voters to decide if they wanted to support the proposed multi-purpose facility based on how they calculated their taxes (as it will require loans to pay for), and said he’d be doing the same.

In retiring from the council, Jarina said he’d encourage anyone to consider running, adding that while the current council has done a great job and is made up of great people, it would be good to get some younger folks elected.

“People that have ideas and thoughts about town – go and run.”

Jarina won’t be going anywhere in his retirement from politics, with plans to stay in town. “I enjoyed the whole time. There were some issues sometimes, they’re hard but you’ve got to go with the way you feel. I’ll miss meeting people all over the street.”

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