Letter to the Editor re: David Wilks

A Fernie man is upset to hear that MP David Wilks does not plan to attend any of the candidates forums planned for election period.

  • Wed Aug 5th, 2015 6:00pm
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I listened to CBC with some disappointment last week as our MP Mr. David Wilks explained that being extremely busy making funding announcements he is unable to commit to all or indeed any of the all candidates forums planned for the election period. I had no idea that making funding announcements is such an arduous task but we must take our representative in Ottawa at his word. I am sure Mr. Wilks takes his position very seriously and is as disappointed as we are that he will not be able to attend, defend his record, speak to the Conservative platform going forward and answer our questions. It is, after all we who elected him and we to whom he should answer.

Since Mr. Wilks may not be at the debates I have chosen this forum to ask my questions. It is my hope that this will enable him to answer in kind when his busy schedule permits. Should more questions occur I will write further letters. I would encourage others to do the same.

My questions for Mr. Wilks are as follows:

Mr. Wilks: you supported bill C-51 the controversial anti terrorism bill. Further you are quoted in the Fernie Free Press (Thursday, April 2, 2015) as saying; ?’There has been some argument that it (Bill C-51) doesn?t have oversight, that we?re going too far with it. My belief as a former police officer is that we?re not going far enough?. I would like you to clarify; what further intrusions into the freedoms and privacy enjoyed by Canadians would you be willing to countenance and to what end?

Mr. Wilks: Despite pleas from this constituent and I am sure many others, you supported the Fair Elections Act effectively disenfranchising thousands of Canadians by disallowing the use of the voter identification card as proof of address. As both an MP and a member of the RCMP you have a sworn duty to uphold our democracy. In light of the oaths you have sworn I ask how you square your support for this act with your own conscience.

We hear a lot about the economic stewardship of the Conservative Government.  Since taking office the Harper Government has spent the $80 billion surplus inherited from the previous Liberal Government and further increased our national debt by a $147 billion. I know your party claims the budget to be balanced at this time but we all know that the budget has not stood up to scrutiny. I ask sir, can we afford another term of Conservative stewardship?

I also have questions for the other candidates who have put their names forward but they have all committed to be present at the debates so I will ask my questions at that time.

David Bird,Fernie