Local mom makes it to MasterChef Canada

A former resident of the Elk Vally will soon appear on the T.V. show MasterChef Canada

  • Dec. 29, 2013 8:00 a.m.
Danielle Cardozo makes it to the top 50 on MasterChef Canada.

Danielle Cardozo makes it to the top 50 on MasterChef Canada.

By: Jenna Jensen

Danielle Cardozo, a single mother of three and former resident of the Elk Valley, who now lives in Cranbrook shows that following your dreams can really take you anywhere, as she will soon appear on the national hit T.V. show MasterChef Canada.

Cardozo is thrilled to have made it through preliminary auditions and now stands among the top 50 contestants. With a passion for cooking, and a self described addiction to the food network, she has always dreamed of what she now calls reality.

“For as long as I can remember I have always loved cooking, creating and being in the kitchen,” said Cardozo. “My dad and my sister have really always been there by my side creating these wonderful memories I have of food and cooking. From my childhood, to having my own children, my passion continued. I have always watched the MasterChef shows from the very beginning. My daughter, with an equal love for them, has been by my side watching since she was four. She would always say to me ‘Mommy why don’t you be on the show, you are such a great cook,’ and for the longest time I had to explain to her it was only for residents of the United States. The moment they finally announced, ‘Canada it’s your turn,’ there was no doubt in my mind I was going to apply to be on the show.

About six weeks after her online application, Cardozo received a Sunday evening phone call and participated in a 90 minute phone interview, after that it was another waiting game and she was finally notified she was accepted to move further taking part in a culinary audition in Calgary, AB and meet with the casting producer.

“I felt good coming out of that audition, I was able to cook Elk Carnitas and have the opportunity to tell my story and how much I wanted this experience,” said Cardozo.

Following that audition, Cardozo again waited, finally receiving the phone call when she was in Sparwood, to let her know she had made it to the top 50 and was flying to Toronto.

The experience has been unreal Cardozo explains, having ran through every emotion there could be from nervousness to exhilaration.

“There were times I wondered if I was cut out for this, but I just kept on fighting through. I have had the opportunity to meet great people, and have the experience of a lifetime, but most of all I am proud to be able to show my daughter and others, that being a single working mom doesn’t stop you from doing anything you dream of,” she said.

Cardozo will appear on the show first cooking her signature dish of Miso Glazed Trout with Ponzu Mushrooms in Citrus Miso broth. “Being from the Kootenays I really wanted my first couple of dishes to have a Kootenay Flair with the Elk and now Rainbow Trout. I am so happy to have had this opportunity and sincerely thank everyone for all of their support.

Cardozo, who one day dreams of owning an Aboriginal/hot stone restaurant, may just do so, as she proves that nothing will stop her.

You can follow Cardozo on Twitter @creekside cook or on Facebook.

MasterChef Canada airs on January 20th on CTV.