Rescuers Ryan Anderson

Rescuers Ryan Anderson

Missing motorist and injured hiker assisted by Fernie SAR

Fernie Search and Rescue (SAR) had a busy weekend when their services were called upon in two separate instances.

Fernie Search and Rescue’s (SAR) services were called upon in two separate instances last weekend.

On Sunday evening, an injured hiker was picked up in the Three Sisters area.

The hiker in question, a 27-year-old female Fernie local, was hiking with friends to summit the Middle Sister. The group became lost off the Olivia Creek Trail from Hartley Road, falling out of signal range.

In an attempt to get back into signal range, the group attempted to climb a steep slope up to a high point in an alpine bowl.

The female hiker slipped in snow, sliding a few hundred metres down the slope and into some rocks.

She sustained injuries to her head and pelvis.

Two rescuers were dropped off to stabilize the hiker, while an additional three were used to assist with the extrication.

“We were fortunate to find them when we did, as we were losing daylight and they were a long way off the trail,” explained Piney, one of the rescuers in the incident. “We are also grateful to Greg Goodison at Ascent Helicopters, whose expertise allowed us to get this young lady and her friend out of a very difficult spot.”

On Friday, June 19, two brothers from Ontario were left stranded when their vehicle became stuck after crossing into B.C. from Alberta on a non-motorized pass.

Fernie SAR as well as Sparwood SAR were tasked with rescuing the two brothers.

The vehicle in question had become stuck several times during its travel.

During one such instance, the brothers became separated when one went to look for water, according to Simon Piney of the Fernie SAR.

During the other brother’s tending to the vehicle, he crashed it down an embankment.

Scrambling back to the road, the man walked to a maintained forestry service road and was taken to Elko by some passing campers where he called for further assistance.

In conjunction with the RCMP and the Civil Air Search and Rescue’s spotter plane, SAR members determined the approximate location of the missing motorist.

He was found dehydrated and tired, but otherwise without further injuries.

The two brothers were reunited in Fernie.