Non-critical patient airlifted from Sparwood Secondary School field

A non-critical Sparwood Medical Clinic patient was air lifted by STARS from Sparwood Secondary School's shared field this afternoon.

A non-critical Sparwood Health Centre patient was airlifted from Sparwood Secondary School and Frank J Mitchell Elementary School’s shared field this afternoon.

Sparwood Fire Chief Jim Jones said that approximately 1:05 p.m., the Sparwood Fire Department received a call from STARS Air Ambulance that a helicopter would be arriving in less than five minutes.

STARS Air Ambulance spokesperson Mike Haska said that typically patients are airlifted from another location in Sparwood, but it was determined by the STARS medical personnel involved that the field would be the best location in this instance.

The Sparwood Fire Department responded to the call, landing the helicopter on the field.

A nurse and doctor from helicopter were then transported by ambulance to the Sparwood Heath Centre to stabilize the patient for airlift.

“At the time, the patient was not critical,” Jones said. “They just needed to do certain procedures to prepare him for the air.”

Jones added that the patient was awake, conscious and talking.

Once the individual was stabilized, they were put into an ambulance, loaded onto the helicopter and taken to Calgary.

More details will be released as they come forward.