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Passionate about planes? Elk Valley Flying Club is seeking new members

Club gathers for flights, hosts free community events and maintains Elk Valley Airport
The Elk Valley Flying Club is an 18-person group operating out of the Elk Valley Airport, that shares a passion for aviation and community service. The picture shows planes on display at the airport (photo courtesy of Elk Valley Flying Club)

If you look skyward on a bright sunny day, you might notice small planes flying overhead.

These sharp agile units are piloted by local recreationalists who belong to the Elk Valley Flying Club, an 18-person group that shares a passion for aviation and community service. The club operates out of the Elk Valley Airport, located between Sparwood and Elkford on Lower Elk Valley Road. Currently, it is seeking new members.

“We’ve taken on a new initiative to put more effort into growing our club, letting people know about the airport and hopefully gaining more members to the flying club … We want to encourage people who have an interest in flying to reach out to us,” said club secretary Jennifer Lyall.

“They don’t have to be pilots to join, maybe they have an aviation interest, or family that is in aviation,” she added.

In addition to flying planes, club members help maintain the airport. They plow snow in the winter and fix up the grounds in the summer. Sometimes they host club barbeques after their clean-ups.

They help support local youth with an interest in aviation. The club recently donated $300 to a local youth so he could attend summer flying camp, where he was able to get his student flying permit.

They’re having a free community breakfast on Sept. 16 at the airport from 8 a.m. to noon, and anyone who lives in the Elk Valley is welcome to attend. Pilots who have access to a plane are welcome to fly to the event. There will be a 50/50 raffle.

The airport is regularly used by search and rescue, medical teams, forestry companies, and Teck. Angel Flight flies patients from the airport to Kelowna to receive medical care.

“I’ve known people who have lived in this valley for 15, 20 years and they didn’t even know we had an airport … We wanted to bring awareness to the community that we do have an airport here,” said director Stephen Babijowski.

Anyone with interest in the club should contact

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