Preliminary results for the District of Sparwood Councillor Candidates are in

Unofficial poll count reveals Baher, Jensen, Jarina, McKie, Halko and Bowen will be taking council seats in the District of Sparwood.

Unofficial poll results for the District of Sparwood have been released. John Baher and Jenna Jensen came out on top with nearly 600 votes each. Joe Jarina, Margaret McKie, Lois Halko and Brad Bowen will also be taking a seat on council. Former Councillor Sonny Saad missed a seat by five votes.

District of Sparwood

Preliminary results

Councillor Candidates

John Baher                            595

Jenna Jensen                        572

Joe Jarina                              548

Margaret McKie                     505

Lois Halko                             489

Brad Bowen                           478

Sonny Saad                            473

Peter Templin                          447

Sharon Fraser                         419

Rose Sharma                          242

Simon Senycz                         240

Melanie Hutchinson                 207

Bobbie Saga                           118