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RCMP at Nanaimo, Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse to ‘keep the peace’ amidst forfeiture

Civil Forfeiture Office members were following up on a BC Court of Appeal ruling

Kelowna RCMP was seen at the Hells Angels clubhouse on Ellis Street Friday morning (April 14) as members of the Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO) followed up on a BC Court of Appeal ruling.

Staff Sgt. Lindsay Houghton with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit confirmed to Capital News that officers were in attendance to ‘keep the peace.’

At issue is the forfeiture to the province of the Kelowna clubhouse, as well as those in East Vancouver and Nanaimo, because of alleged criminal activity.

The decision is on an appeal of a past ruling which was the culmination of more than a decade of investigations, counterclaims, pre-trial proceedings and a lengthy trial where the forfeiture to the province of three clubhouses operated by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was denied.

Together, three supreme court judges decided that the clubhouses have and will continue to enhance member’s ability to commit crime, while reducing the risk or detection

“The CFO and its asset management agent attended all three properties to inspect the properties and replace the locks,” according to an emailed statement.

“They were accompanied by law enforcement who were onsite to keep the peace, as needed.”

The province is now on title for all three properties.

The CFO is unable to comment on the case as it remains within the window of a potential appeal.

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