Relax Massage And Wellness Loosens Up The Valley

With a new studio Relax Massage & Wellness offers their services to the Elk Valley & area.

Robin Regular

Robin Regular

Elk Valley residents who are looking for a little piece of peace can now indulge themselves in serenity at Relax Massage and Wellness Studio in Sparwood.  Relax, located at the entrance nearest to the Titan in the old Middletown Cafe building offers Elk Valley residents several types of massages such as relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofacial release, and hot stone therapy as well as other relaxation services.

Robin Regular, owner and NHPC massage professional has over ten years of experience in the industry,  formerly operating as Essential Massage above the Express Mart in Sparwood, and more recently out of her home.  “After working out of my home for so long, obtaining this studio was a long time coming,” says Regular. “I really want to reach out to the general public and make sure that people are taking time out for themselves. Massage therapy is not only just for women or people with sports injuries it is for anyone and everyone, and it is such a great way to relax and take care of yourself,” she says.

Regular has deep roots in the Valley, having been raised in Sparwood. She has taken time out to travel, and has spent two years working at several spas in Australia. “It was in Australia where I learned many different techniques, I knew then I wanted my studio to have a spa feel rather than being more of a clinic,” she says. With calm colours, soothing scents and a vibe that radiates tranquility, clients are sure to be taken a world away from their busy everyday stresses when visiting the Relax studio. Also, the benefits of massage extend far beyond reduced stress , muscle relaxation, and pain relief, clients can also possibly experience a temporary reduction in blood pressure, reduced anxiety, increased flow of the lymph system and improved sleep among other things.

Regular invites residents of the Elk Valley to make an appointment and experience a massage at the Relax Massage and Wellness Studio. “If anyone has questions or wants to know if a massage is right for them, they can call me and we can discuss it,” she says. “No doctors referral is needed and I encourage clients to take a look at their benefit package as massages are usually covered,” she says.

Prices at Just Relax Massage and Wellness are:

30 minutes – $40

45 minutes – $50

60 minutes – $70

90 minutes (includes warm basalt stones) – $95

Feet Treat 45 minutes (exfoliating foot scrub followed by a foot and calf massage) -$50

Also, to finish off every treatment, all clients will receive complementary hot towel therapy as the perfect finishing touch. Appointments are necessary and Robin can be reached at 250.425.1321 or Relax Massage and Wellness can also be found on Facebook.