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Sassy the goat saved from oncoming train after escaping in B.C. town

Wayward goat taken into custody and returned home safely
An Agassiz RCMP officer holds Sassy the goat at bay following her run around town. Teamwork between residents and police resulted in a safe trip home for the goat on the lam. (Photo/Chilliwack RCMP)

Agassiz RCMP officers tracked down a four-legged suspect who hoofed her way all around the townsite.

Agassiz residents and RCMP officers rescued Sassy the goat from an oncoming train after a recent chase, according to a post on social media. Sassy was spotted (in every sense) running loose on Inkman Road early Wednesday (May 1) morning. The goat eventually found herself on the train tracks at the intersection of Highway 7 and 9, where Nadine Skovsgard took her into custody and off to the RCMP detachment.

A grateful and amused Amanda Hildebrandt picked up Sassy from the police station roughly two hours after she was found wandering about town.

“Thanks to everyone who helped post her whereabouts along her adventure,” Hildebrandt posted on social media. “She is home safe. Never thought I’d be picking up a goat from the police station.”

Tracy Stewart Giltaca had a close encounter of the goat kind during the chase.

“She ran in front of my car this morning and gave me a filthy look,” she wrote. “I laughed the whole way to work!”

Loose livestock isn’t terribly uncommon in the eastern Fraser Valley. Back in 2019, Harrison Coun. John Allen helped flag down a driver on Highway 1 near Lickman Road after a cow escaped through the back door of a moving livestock trailer.

“I called 911 and had some trouble convincing the dispatcher I was serious,” Allen wrote at the time.

The cow seemed to be unharmed as several people went out on the side of the highway to bring the cow back.

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