Rachel Olson took the pies like a champ this past Thursday. (Soranne Floarea/ The Free Press)

Rachel Olson took the pies like a champ this past Thursday. (Soranne Floarea/ The Free Press)

Save-On-Food managers get pied for charity

Shoppers raised almost 4K in two weeks via the Dollar Round Up program

The managers at Save-On-Foods Fernie celebrated raising over $3,700 for the BC Children’s Hospital by allowing donating customers to throw pies at their faces on Oct. 29.

The funds were raised via their Dollar Round Up program, which ran from from Oct. 15 until Oct. 28.

Prior to launching the campaign, each of the managers set threshold goals that if met meant they would get pied. With each of the goals surpassed, and the initiative making well over their original $2,500 objective, all five managers took turns sitting in the hot seat.

“It gives the cashiers incentive to (raise the most money), because they want to pie us, so we sacrifice ourselves to raise more money,” said assistant store manager, Lori Dvorak.

First to step up to the plate for a whipped cream facial was manager Dane Milliken alongside Rachel Olson, followed by Dwayne Westlund, Marleigh Kallhood and Dvorak.

Starting off the pie throwing were employees Suzanne Porter and Avery Sikkes, who had the highest percentage of customers donate at their tills: 68 per cent and 67 per cent, respectively.

Also celebrated for their fundraising prowess were employees Gary Rodych and Lesley Colley, who raised the most money of all the cashiers, gathering an impressive $795 and $789 each.

For the following hour, rounds of customers continued to donate to the cause in exchange for throwing two plates of whipped cream at the managers.

“We thank everyone who supported the Dollar Round Up program this October,” added Dvorak.

Up next for Save-On-Foods will be an Angel Flight East Kootenay fundraiser in November.

To donate to the BC Children’s Hospital, head to bcchf.ca/ways-to-give/.

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