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Sparwood Community Garden getting closer

District staff sought direction from council at a Committee of the Whole Meeting on Dec. 1

District of Sparwood councillors have indicated they support a new community garden in the town to be located at 440 Engelmann Spruce Dr.

District staff sought guidance from councillors on how to proceed on a number of different questions to do with the proposed garden, which is being championed by the Sparwood Community Garden group. Future vice president of the group, Dina Dominick, made a presentation to council on Oct. 20, with Mayor and council indicating support.

Councillors unanimously supported the 440 Engelmann Spruce Dr location over another site on Lower Matevic Rd, with Councillor Ron Saad saying he thought the Engelmann Spruce location was better as it was closer to town and people.

“There’s going to be people around all the time – it’s going to stop the possibility of raiding the garden and destroying it,” he said.

Cr Jarina also backed the site, adding that it was a good location due to its walk-ability – “it’s in a nice location.”

Crs Cardozo and Bowen also talked about accessibility, saying it was a good site due to nearby parking.

On another query from staff on an accountability agreement due to the site being close to single-dwelling houses, Cr Cardozo said she believed it would be good to have a level of expectation on maintenance.

“It is easy for a garden to become overgrown and unsightly,” she said. “Some sort of standard – nothing crazy – but something needs to be done with that.”

Councillors supported the city seeking a five-year agreement with the Sparwood Community Garden for the land, which would be leased to the group for the minimum amount of $10 per year.

District staff continue to work with the community group on the proposed garden.

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