Sparwood may lose Canada Day events

Canada Day in Sparwood is a popular annual event.

  • Feb. 28, 2013 5:00 p.m.

By Jenna Jensen


Canada Day in Sparwood is a popular annual event. The day is jam packed with fun, family events, live music, food and activities for all ages, but this year things may change.

Councillor Joanne Wilton, lead organizer and coordinator of Canada Day, has retired from her long-standing position, leaving a vacancy that must be filled. “We are so very thankful to Joanne for all of her hard work and dedication to taking this on over the years,” said Duane Lawrence, Director of Community and Facility Services.” Joanne has taken a huge leadership role on this project, making Canada Day in Sparwood a great community event as well as a celebration of our country. Now, we are looking for an individual, group or organization to step up and take this project as their own and to continue with what has been, or to make it even bigger,” he said.

The new Canada Day organizer or group will have to be passionate about the community, and want to give back through volunteering. This person will be the community voice, looking for event sponsorships and donations, and be organized to recruit and situate volunteers. “The District of Sparwood, and Leisure Centre has always been heavily involved in the event, and are very willing to lend all of the support needed to assist the new Canada Day lead on processes, information and ideas used in the past to make the day a success. In fact, some of the bookings have already began, so some of the work has already been taken care of,” said Lawrence.

“If a new Canada Day events leader does not come forward, we may not have the Canada Day events the community is used to,” said Lawrence. ‘It’s important that someone takes this on sooner than later as we really are hoping the community can continue to celebrate as we have in the past.”

For more information, or to become an organizer for Canada Day events in Sparwood contact Duane Lawrence at the Sparwood Leisure Centre at 250-425-0552.