Sparwood waste outsourced

Sparwood waste outsourced

Sparwood will soon outsource garbage collection in a move that will save the district money and resources.

The council has hired Waste Management Canada Corporation to collect solid waste in the community at a cost of $94.32 per household per year.

It will also spend $315,000 on new 240-litre garbage cans, which will be wildlife-resistant.

The changes come at no extra cost to residents.

Mayor Cal McDougall said it was cheaper to outsource the work than replace the district’s existing garbage truck, which was nearing the end of its life.

“It turned out to be about $94 in change per household, which is actually less than what our costs are right now to do it ourselves,” he said.

The contractor isn’t expected to start until mid-2018 to give council time to buy and distribute the new garbage cans.

Residents with limited household waste will have the option of exchanging their 240L can for a smaller one.

“It’s going to be a lot more convenient, they’ll be on wheels and easy to drag out to the curb,” said McDougall.

“It will free up two of our employees that do garbage pick ups on Wednesdays and Fridays… to do other things in the community.”

The council is also looking into curbside recycling collection with the same company.

McDougall said there would be public consultation on the matter before any decisions were made.

“The yellow bin system works pretty well but often people say to us ‘why can’t we have curbside pick up?’ so it’s something that we’re just starting to explore,” he said.

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