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The Fernie Academy hosts virtual art show

The school’s annual Mother’s Day Art Show went online through The Arts Station
Kindergarten students created Chinese dragons with mixed media for their art project at The Fernie Academy.

The Fernie Academy has partnered with The Arts Station to host their annual May art show virtually this year.

If COVID-19 had not forced the school to close its doors in March, art students would have showcased their work in a variety of mediums and themes for the school’s annual Mother’s Day Art Show. With an in person show no longer a possibility, The Fernie Academy decided to get creative.

Instead of having people come into the school and see the artwork in person, The Fernie Academy worked with The Arts Station to set up a virtual online gallery. Art teacher Karen Luzny explained that the curated artwork was created by students from September to March. The art, which ranges in style from pencil drawings to paintings to sculptures, was then photographed and uploaded to a virtual gallery on The Arts Station’s website.

“These students worked so hard and they deserve some recognition for the work that they did,” said Luzny. “The art show is a big moment and the Mother’s Day show is the highlight of the year so it’s nice that we can share the art with the rest of the community.”

Although Luzny teaches art classes at The Fernie Academy, she noted that much of the credit belongs with Jackie Graham, who works both at The Arts Station as a program officer and at The Fernie Academy as a student teacher.

“The inspiration for this show came from a number of teachers talking to me about all of the students’ artwork still locked away in the school and how nice it would be for them if there was a way to showcase their hard work from earlier in the year,” explained Graham. “I suggested using The Arts Station online platofrm as a way to increase exposure and highlight the beautiful pieces the students have created.”

Due to the virtual nature of the art show, there is no closing date and the students’ artwork will always be vieweable at for people to enjoy.

For students who won’t be returning to art class any time soon, Luzny has a message.

“You don’t need special tools to create,” she insisted. “Just create with whatever you have.”

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