Danika Krasnay took a spill while nordic skiing during the last #FernieStreak. (Photo Contributed)

Danika Krasnay took a spill while nordic skiing during the last #FernieStreak. (Photo Contributed)

Third Annual #FernieStreak registration now open

The fun event encourages people to move their bodies for 30 minutes each day in January

The third-annual #FernieStreak challenge is relaunching Jan. 1, 2021, challenging participants to do 30 minutes of outdoor physical activity every day for 31 consecutive days.

“It’s not just about getting exercise and fitness, but it’s about mindfulness and getting outside and just having some time to yourself because this year it is more important than ever,” said event organizer, Abi Moore.

This year’s registration fees are going towards the East Kootenay Foundation for Health’s Not Alone Campaign, fundraising for the development of Foundry East Kootenay.

“(There’s been) amazing support for this much needed service in the Elk Valley, so it just seemed like it was prevalent at this time – they’re trying to raise a lot of money in a really short period of time, and we just felt like it was a really appropriate thing for this to be attached to.”

Participants can partake in any outdoor activity to qualify, including biking, running, skiing, or even shoveling.

Though in the past people met in groups to complete the challenge, Moore urges this year’s participants to follow the most recent provincial guidelines and adventure below their ability level.

“It’s not about who can do the most or who can go the hardest, it’s just about getting everybody involved and taking part for whatever reason they have,” said Moore, who added that she hopes locals will share the event to extend the fundraising beyond just Fernie.

“The foundry is servicing such a big area that it would be really great to spread this across that entire area and beyond.”

Links to online activity tracking sheets will be sent to participants on Jan. 1. The #FernieStreak calendar will also be printed in the January edition of the Fernie Fix.

Registration closes Dec. 31, running at $10 for adults and free for kids and dogs. Participants may donate additional funds to the Not Alone campaign at check out.

For a link to the registration page, visit raceroster.com and search #FernieStreak. For more information email ferniestreak@gmail.com.

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