Elodie Teulier with Adèle, Joy, Ros and Ella.

Tour de Fernie: French immersion daycare gets a new set of wheels

Elodie Teulier is fundraising to help pay for a new eBike

Fernie kids can enjoy French immersion lessons and tour the town on the back of Elodie Teulier’s new cargo eBike.

Teulier, who is originally from Toulouse, founded Il Etait Une Fois French Immersion Daycare in June, and said that her cargo eBike allowed her to take young Fernie-ites on journeys around town while learning how to speak French.

“We are doing a lot of outdoor activity, like going to parks and exploring,” said Teulier, who can transport up to four children thanks to the bike and a chariot.

Teulier said that previously she had transported children using a stroller that could go anywhere, but having the bike and chariot meant Fernie was their oyster.

“They really love it, they are fighting all the time to be the ones sitting on the bike.”

She explained the original idea behind getting the bike was to allow her to take kids to events and participate in more things happening around town. While COVID makes taking kids to events a little harder, she said that having the bike meant she could keep more kids entertained for longer, all while learning how to speak one of the languages of Canada.

“French is one of the languages of Canada, and parents are interested in having their children learn French. Having this bike allows me to do more activities for young kids.”

The bike is ready for winter with winter tires, so Teulier can take kids on adventures around Fernie even as the weather gets colder.

Teulier is currently raising money to help pay off the bike, which she has purchased through local supplier GearHub. To help Teulier provide fun and engaging French immersion experiences, contribute to her gofundme at gofundme.com/f/e-cargo-bike-for-french-immersion-daycare.

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