Upgrades for Sparwood section of Highway 3

Serious upgrades are in the works for a section of Highway 3 near Sparwood.

Serious upgrades are in the works for a section of Highway 3 near Sparwood. The Highway 3 and 43 Intersection Improvement Project will provide traffic signals and improved access to Sparwood on both sides of the highway.

“We’ve been working with the District of Sparwood and Highways B.C. collaboratively in closed consultations to come up with a design that most importantly meets the District’s objectives, but also satisfies the highway’s concerns as well,” explained Naginder Jabbal with McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.

McElhanney will be constructing a cul-de-sac between the Esso and Husky service stations, which will be named Spruce Spur. From the cul-de-sac there will be a pedestrian tunnel running underneath Highway 3, connecting Sparwood residents to the new industrial/commercial development on the south side of the highway. Another key feature of the project is the installation of full traffic signals at the intersection of Highway 3 and 43, as well as the intersection of Aspen Drive and Highway 43.

“The actual intersection itself will have standard or longer merges,” said Jabbal. “If someone is travelling from the highway and wishes to come into town they will have adequate time to come off the highway, get into the side lane, and come onto Highway 43 to access the town itself.

“If someone is looking to merge onto Highway 3 [from Sparwood] the opposite way, they have adequate time to accelerate such that they are safe to merge into the Highway 3 through-traffic.”

New signage will be installed along both Highway 3 and 43 to make drivers aware of the conversion of the three lane intersection into a four lane intersection. The upgrades will also include improved street lighting.

Construction on the Highway 3 and 43 Intersection Improvement Project is expected to begin this spring, with completion set for the fall of 2014.