The golf course at Whiskey Jack Resort was supposed to be finished by 2015. Alexandra Heck/The Free Press

The golf course at Whiskey Jack Resort was supposed to be finished by 2015. Alexandra Heck/The Free Press

Whiskey Jack golf course stalled

Sparwood council votes to deny golf course and development application

The District of Sparwood has put their foot down with a developer who has, for years, been dragging their feet on a golf course development.

Whiskey Jack, what was supposed to be a world-class golf course in Sparwood’s north end is nearly four years past it’s timeline.

Developers received approval in 2010 from the town to develop 58 lots with the agreement that they would also provide an 18-hole golf course.

Part of the agreement included the District of Sparwood providing $10.8 M in funding for a portion of the off-site work over a ten year period.

In the District of Sparwood’s council facts dated September 18, 2017, it states that the development of the golf course was the main reason that the municipality sold the land back in 2007. Currently, the homes are being developed and the golf course is not.

Mayor Cal McDougall says that golf course was supposed to serve the community too, but it still hasn’t been built.

“What we can see, they haven’t really shown us that they’ve done much development on the golf course at all,” said McDougall.

As a result of the delays, the municipality requested the developers re-submit their proposal for the project.

The new submission showed a golf course nearly six acres smaller than the previous plans.

After numerous attempts to contact Whiskey Jack, The Free Press has not received comment.

“That resolution was put together with the understanding that Whiskey Jack was going to move forward with the development of their golf course,” said the Mayor.

He says at that point, they committed to have the golf course completed by 2015.

“It’s not even close,” he said.

As a result, the District has revoked the approval for the project that they gave in 2013 during an in-camera meeting last September.

“It was rescinded because the application that was made in 2017 was much different,” said McDougall.

The new application asked for an increase in the size of the two lots being subdivided. The reduction of the proposed golf course by over six acres.

“They know what’s required,” said McDougall. “We haven’t heard anything from them since then.”