Bullies and fear

Bullies are just plain old cowards. Bullies need to be exposed.

What the heck is going on? A very irate dog owner decided to bully/intimidate/scare and for that one moment of horror it felt like she wanted to physically hurt me with her big white Dodge truck on Anderson Road. All this because her dog constantly follows me and my two dogs on our walk. I did stop my walk many times and walk the dog back home (only because I really like the dog) and now I’ve had enough, especially when I did offer to call her before I came by her house so she could contain her dog until we passed. I also asked if she would keep her dog in the house, on a leash, or in a kennel (because she does not have a fenced in yard) when she left for work in the mornings, so that I could let her dog out of the house, off the leash or out of the kennel when we passed by her house at the end of our walk (usually mid-morning). Why does this not make sense? Some people prefer to run you over than to actually take responsibility for their responsibilities, they prefer to kill the messenger.

Bullies are just plain old cowards.  Bullies need to be exposed.

And what about all this fear that is gripping the world. We fear so much. When governments fear something, they lead us to fear something more. “The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority,” Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram concluded in his The Perils of Obedience article. When you have a fearful government leading fearful people you do not get democracy. People are at times stifled by fear, as shown above by the irate dog owner, and act irrationally, there is no talking democracy with this person. I also do not believe one man should be given the voice for millions of people when it comes to killing people and waging war. If it’s something this serious, we should all have a vote.We can all think for ourselves, we don’t need one man to do this for us.

In the meantime, I would prefer all articles written about Canada going to war to say Canada going to war – except for Barb Binder. It’s sad to say, but I no longer trust our government to tell the truth or to act fairly. The U.S. wants war in the worst way and I’m ashamed to say it seems Canada does too. Western countries now seem to be the big bullies on the international scale. I do believe Harper’s job description needs to be revised and I do believe we all need to think and question if this so called democracy is really working for us or is it a cover for hidden manipulation? The truth would be so refreshing.


Barb Binder