Consider dredging

Dredging may be considered "outdated" but it works!

Dredging may be “outdated” but it works!

As far as the harming the fish, every year high water comes and changes the course of the river, creating murky muddy water the full length of the river, yet somehow the fish survive, could it be they are designed/accustomed to it? I do not believe the biologist, environmentalist suggestions that this harms the fish or their habitat. Is it not true that after the 1995 flood the fishing was the best in years?

Dredging, removing gravel from north of Fernie to the ski hill would lower the flood levels and greatly reduce property damage and erosion of private property.

It could also incorporate the white water park channels that are being considered.

Let the environmentalists and so-called experts reply in outrage. The truth is not always popular.


Al Skilling