Considering a Baynes Lake bylaw

I would like to direct you to a copy of Baynes Lake Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2319, 2011. Open to the very first page, used for the  adoption of the bylaw and what it enacts, etc. Please read it. Do you understand what is written? I do not fully understand what I have read and this concerns me and maybe it concerns you too.

As this draft states “The manager of planning and development services, manager of building and protective services and bylaw enforcement officer, and any other person authorized to assist the aforementioned persons are authorized to administer this bylaw and to enter any premises at any reasonable time to determine whether the regulations in this bylaw are being complied with.” I understand this to be unlawful, as it does not protect our privacy, if I am mistaken please explain.

I looked up the word premises in a dictionary of Canadian English and it is defined as a house or building with it’s grounds. Does this mean you can enter my house, without notice? Is that with or without court supervision?

Consider this, any act you are going to allow to be passed that removes law, that allows the state to interfere with you or your property without court supervision is something that should not be allowed. We should not allow the state to act arbitrarily without scrutiny, if that is what is happening here.

Look, right now I am unzoned and I think I have it pretty good. This reminds me of a little tune I like to sing in times like these:

Keep it over there boys

Keep it over there…

The good intentions of those who wish to have their say in the development of our community have not considered, at what cost?

Baynes Lake is a beautiful community if you choose to see the beauty. Be thankful for all that has been accomplished by such a giving community and continue to nourish that spirit… because it is fragile.


Bev Pippard

Baynes Lake