Brittney goes boarding.

Brittney goes boarding.

Finding My Griz

The powder was so light and the lines were so fresh.

By Brittney Barber

Free Press Columnist

February had given us sunshine and walkable pathways, but barely a snowflake fell and made it to the pavement without melting. So I say hallelujah for our last week’s downpour of fluffy goodness.

In accordance to this downpour, last Monday morning, some mates and I all headed up to the mountain, roaring to get first chair.

When we arrived, our jaws dropped, the turnout was huge at 8 a.m.; statistically speaking, you were probably there. So most of the morning we waited at the only three chairs running, along with the majority of Fernie and a quarter of Calgary.

Disappointed from a lack of riding and a surplus of waiting, the three of us decided to skip the line at Boomerang and walk back to the village on the 2km scenic hike to regroup.

The hike was stunning of course, but despite this tiny high, our spirits were at our lowest and while we debated leaving, we overheard some magnificent news. Bear Chair was open!

Strapping up, we cooed to our frozen fingers, as we made our way up Bear Chair. Finally at the top, I let out an echoing ‘Woooohooooo!” and jumped into Arrow, bombing down through the trees.

The powder was so light and the lines were so fresh. I was never so happy to crash into a tree or two with a promised cushy landing.

Fingers no longer frozen, I flew out from the trees and stuck to the left. Looking up ahead, the smirk of redemption formed on my face. There was a slope in front of me and it was going to show me how to fly.

From the moment my board touched the slope, everything slowed down. I saw every detail that I passed. Feeling the wind under my board and landing like a cat, my legs swayed with the mounds beneath me. My most coordinated moment yet.

I turned my head to ensure my friend Maka had seen my stunt and threw my arms up in the air victorious.

“Yeeehaaa!” Losing my focus from my sheer excitement, I nose-dived into the shin-deep powder. Landing snow angel style, my body and limbs covered, the snow cooled my exhilarated body. I gazed up at the snowflakes softly landing on my mask and opened my mouth for a frosty refreshment.

What a week Fernie! We asked for powder and the Griz provided. I’ll see you on the mountain.