Letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor.

Letter: The backbone of the election process

On Election Day a fantastic team of people played a very important role in working to honour the democratic process of voting in a government for the Canadian people. Without the teams of election workers especially in these tough times, this election could not have been accomplished.

A BIG thank you to those who worked at the Community Centre Voting place,which had an exceptional turnout of voters. One poll in particular had two polling divisions combined into one that was run by John Mill which had long lines most of the day. John demonstrated a superb attitude and endurance through the count process up till 11pm that night.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to ALL of the team as well who also worked very hard and did a wonderful job in the process. Kate Noakes, Cathy Rushka, Brenna Traverse, Nancy Hamilton, Barbara Parkinson, Sherry Earl, Cathy MacDonald, Rebecca Hall, Peter Lemmon, Amy Hare, Sandra Barrett and Cari Munro. Co-supervisors, Mike Kremer and Laura Loewen did an outstanding job of keeping things organized, answering questions, gave the DRO’s their break times and had great attitudes throughout the whole long day up until the last ones left after midnight!

There was one person whose name was inadvertently forgotten on the list of names on the Election Day team and that was Brian Larock.

Brian played a key role as an Information Officer along with Brenna and Cari.

They directed traffic while people came into the Election Place and answered questions . They did a fantastic job and their role was key to the success of the day.

Everyone worked together superbly to pull this off, even though sadly, we had to turn some voters away due to the fact that they were not in their own polling division or didn’t make it in before the 8 pm cut off.

Acknowledgement and appreciation to Independent Grocer’s Manager Eldho Thankachan for the kind and much appreciated donation of refreshments for the workers. In all aspects everything came together for a successfully run election process.

Great job everyone! You were the backbone of the Election! Also,a big thank you to the citizens of Fernie who took the time to come out to vote!

Janice Brulotte

Co-Supervisor, Community Centre Voting Place