Letter to the Editor: Complaint about downtown parking

I always dread going downtown on a Friday around lunch.

I always dread going downtown on a Friday around lunch. The reason for going to town was to see my doctor on Main St.  When I got to 5th I saw two tents; one on the street and one in the museum parking lot.

You would think that the city employee who gave out the permit would have given the permit a little thought.

Why not put these tents on the City Hall lawn? The lawn has been used in the past by the school downtown.

I then found myself driving around the Main Street and side streets trying to find a parking spot. The only place I found was a spot in front of the Post Office on 3rd.

The area was not large enough to fit my car. The front of my car was over the yellow line, which I got a ticket for.

I guess my biggest problem is why City Council would create this parking problem?

The town we live in was established years ago and not meant for the establishment of patios on Main St.

City Council should have come out with the parking first. The patios take up valuable space that is needed for parking.

Most of our businesses are downtown and parking is a necessity. The idea of saying, “Yes we will give out these permits and people can park wherever” shows no planning by City Council. I am one individual who has problems, and walking is sometimes hard on me.


Ray Pisoni

Fernie Resident