Letter to the Editor for June 16

This week's letter focuses on audience etiquette at community events.

Letter to the Editor re: Audience respect

I have attended two events in Sparwood over the past week, the 2016 Graduation Ceremonies and Elk Valley’s Got Talent at Coal Miner Days. Both events were terrific, well-planned, there were interesting speakers at graduation and I was blown away with all of the talent in the Elk Valley.

Everything went off without a hitch, well almost everything. Some of the audience members at both events were unbelievably rude. Talking so loud during the ceremonies and talent show that people could not hear the speakers/singers. At Elk Valley’s Got Talent parents were actually letting their children run wild in the audience. Although there were audience members there that were genuinely interested, there were just enough disrespectful people to ruin it for everyone else. At the talent show, they were asked repeatedly by the host to be quiet; finally one of the judges lashed out and told everyone to shut up. Still they persisted.

All I have to say is shame on you – and you know who you are!

Andrew ClarkeFernie, B.C.