Letter to the editor: One of them

I remember when Mr. Bennett said, “don’t vote for the NDP or they’ll shut down the mines.”

I remember when Mr. Bennett said, “don’t vote for the NDP or they’ll shut down the mines.” Now there are 700 coal miners laid off in Tumbler Ridge as metallurgical coal prices crash less than a year later. I wonder how Bill will blame the NDP since it’s his BC Liberal government’s fault.

You see, the BC Liberals support ownership of our minerals by China and made a deal allowing them to bring in temporary workers to get our resources. But the people of B.C. found out and are angry, throwing a wrench into their plan.

China has since decided to get back at us by overstocking coal there and curtailing purchasing here. This crashes prices, forcing layoffs to drop wages as foreign investors pick up more assets for pennies on the pound.

Funny how BC Liberals claim to be free market but are now in bed with State Owned Enterprises from China. More shocking are how many BC Liberal appointees have already fled to Chinese SOE’s: John Cavanagh, Assistant Deputy Minister Energy and Mines, now CEO of Dehua Mining; Jody Shimkus, Assistant Deputy Minister Natural Resources, now VP of HD Mining; Brian Clark, Executive Director Resource Stewardship, now Assistant Project Manager at Dehua Mining; Judy Matkaluk, Sr. Advisor Mineral Development, now Vice GM at Dehua; John Graham, Mines Inspector, now GM for Dehua.

And what of former BC Liberal MLA Harry Bloy ditching the legislature to start his own TFW recruiting business?

Not only has Bill Bennett publicly supported the use of temporary workers from China but his ministry has used its influence to sell off our mineral assets and provide permitting in exchange for jobs once the wheels fall off the public bus.

There are only three kinds of politicians. Politicians who know the public interest and serve it; those who know but serve their money masters by lying and stealing from the people who elected them; and fools that haven’t the faintest clue what they’re doing in government.

The BC Liberals are hoping you don’t figure it out.

Alex Hanson

Fernie, B.C.